School Excursions

School Excursion

Embarking on a school excursion cruise with Melbourne River Cruises presents an exceptional opportunity for students to engage in an immersive and educational experience. Our tailored sightseeing cruises cater to school groups, ensuring a blend of enjoyment and learning. Whether opting for city sightseeing river cruise or a ferry to Science Works or Williamstown, our flexible cruises are designed to accommodate diverse educational needs.

Floating Lessons

Embarking on our guided tours at Melbourne River Cruises unveils a captivating tapestry of the Yarra River’s history, biodiversity, and vibrant communities. As the gentle currents carry the classroom along the Yarra, our expert guides delve into the river’s rich past, narrating tales of its transformation from a bustling port pivotal to Melbourne’s commerce to the present-day iconic skyline adorned with architectural marvels. The journey unfolds against a backdrop showcasing landmarks like Flinders Street Station, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Sporting Arenas, Herring Island, and more with each structure steeped in history and representing distinct chapters in Melbourne’s architectural and cultural evolution. Amidst these narratives, students gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate blend of historical significance, architectural brilliance, and the river’s integral role in shaping Melbourne’s identity.

Ferry Services

Melbourne River Cruises guided tour ferry services specifically designed for schools, facilitating seamless journeys to key destinations, Science Works, Williamstown, and Docklands. These guided tours offer safe and informative travel experiences, enriching students’ educational outings beyond the confines of the classroom.

Our ferry service isn’t just a ride; it’s a window into Melbourne’s rich indigenous history from a unique perspective. Students get the convenience of travel with a ferry while diving into the vibrant tapestry of Melbourne’s indigenous heritage, offering an educational journey unlike any other.

School Formals

At Melbourne River Cruises, we offer unforgettable options for school end-of-year formals, whether in the vibrant daytime or under the glittering night sky. For those seeking a lively party atmosphere, our party cruise with a talented DJ ensures an exhilarating experience. Students can dance the day or night away against the stunning backdrop of Melbourne’s skyline, creating cherished memories of their special day.

For a more refined affair, our renowned Spirit of Melbourne Cruising Restaurant caters to formal dinners. Students can indulge in an elegant dining experience while cruising along the Yarra River, surrounded by sophistication and breathtaking views. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless event, from exquisite meals to impeccable service, providing the perfect setting for a memorable formal celebration.

A Range of Activities & Experiences

Melbourne River Cruises offers a range of activities and experiences that can be tailored to the needs and interests of each school group. For example, students can enjoy a guided tour of the river to find out more about the sights and landmarks along the way. Our guides are highly knowledgeable and will provide informative commentary during the journey. There are also opportunities for students to get involved in wildlife spotting and other hands-on activities.

Student cruises can be a memorable and rewarding experience for students, providing them with a unique perspective on the city and its history. They’ll also get the chance to develop important skills and build relationships with their classmates.

Melbourne River Cruises offers a safe and enjoyable experience for school groups, with expert guides and staff who are dedicated to making each cruise a success. We always prioritise the safety of our passengers first. Our boats are outfitted with the necessary safety equipment, while our fully qualified and highly experienced crew members ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times. We also work closely with teachers and supervisors to ensure that all students are supervised, safe and accounted for at all times during our school excursion cruises.

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a multi-day excursion, we can provide a tailored experience that meets the needs of your group.

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Melbourne River Cruises is pleased to offer competitive discounted rates for primary and secondary school students. Prices include running commentary provided by the captain, access to toilet facilities, and complimentary tea or coffee for the adults. We also allow free admission for one teaching staff every 10 students, helping to make the day more affordable.

If you’re looking for exciting educational experiences for students, Melbourne River Cruises offers school excursion cruises in Melbourne that won’t disappoint. Visit our contact page and get in touch with us to learn more, discuss your needs and make a booking.

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